Cinema allows us to tell our world through universal stories whose perception has a real impact. We are as demanding on the themes addressed by their authors as we are on the cinematographic aesthetics of their directors. Block 8 accompanies fiction films from their development to their distribution, involved in every step of the production process, with a limitless ambition to bring these stories to their audience.

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Pour mieux vous servir, nous avons restructuré en 3 entités :
To provide you with better service, we splitted in 3 companies:

Notre agence de communication audiovisuelle pour les projets clients
Our audiovisual communication agency for client projects
Notre société de production de films et documentaires pour le cinéma et la TV
Our film and documentary production company for cinema and TV
Notre espace de coworking audiovisuel au coeur de Lyon
Our audiovisual coworking space in the heart of Lyon

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