At Block 8, we know how to make movies, and we can help you make yours. We have experience in the entire production process of a project. We have many in-house resources and skills to support you, as well as a network of prestigious partners to assist you.

« A film is first and foremost a human adventure, which begins with a pen, continues around a camera, continues on an editing bench and ends in a dark room. We are by your side at every step, to make cinema together.»


The Block 8 Production team

Lyon – France



Block 8 accompanies the development of demanding scripts and collaborates with several experienced screenwriters to proofread, advise or write your series or film projects.

Search for financing

In France and abroad, we have a vast network of public institutional partners (local, national and European subsidies, tax credits, tax shelters, etc.) and private partners (television channels, film distributors, platforms, etc.) to establish a financing strategy for your film projects, for television and SVoD platforms.


Very attached to the visual ambition of the films, Block 8 collaborates with various talented artists who know how to create storyboards as effective as they are essential to the success of the shootings. 


Located in Lyon, in the heart of a rich territory, Block 8 allows your films to meet their sets and to shoot in unique places in the world: typical neighborhoods, traditional villages, nature, mountains, castles and other French historical monuments… The Rhône-Alpes region is also ideally connected to the rest of the country, in which Block 8 has many partners.

Block 8 also accompanies you all over the world, having already toured internationally with the same logistical success.


We can mobilize extras for shoots as well as host or cast actors for your films, through our network or by collaborating with prestigious partner agencies.

Production executive


Block 8 and its vast network of location managers, technicians and artists are at your disposal to constitute all or part of your film crew. Assistant directors, directors of photography, camera assistants, electricians, grips, set designers, props, MUAH, sound engineers, stage managers…


Block 8 can co-produce your films.

In France and abroad, we have a vast network of public institutional partners (local, national and European subsidies, tax credits, tax shelters, etc.) and private partners (television channels, film distributors, platforms, etc.) to establish a financing strategy for your film projects, for television and SVoD platforms.


Block 8 has a network of experienced professional rental companies to provide you with all types of equipment (image, sound, machinery, lighting, vehicles, etc.) to successfully complete your shoots. We also have in-house equipment for the production of your documentary films.


We can organize your team’s stay in France and abroad. Flights, trains, cabs, vehicle rentals for staff and equipment, drivers, fixers, restaurants, catering and deliveries… Block 8 takes care of everything to accommodate your projects.


Throughout France, Block 8 guides you through the multitude of studios available to you so that you can shoot your sequences in optimal conditions. Lyon is home to the famous Studio 24, which hosted the filming of Ma Vie de Courgette and Kamelott.



Block 8 will help you edit your film, a step as crucial as writing the script. We can hire a professional editor according to your needs and affinities, or call on our permanent editor. Your projects can be edited on our state-of-the-art editing station, equipped with various editing environments (Premiere, Final Cut, Da Vinci…) and all the necessary comfort for your post-production sessions.


To perfect the colorimetry of your project, we provide our color grading station with calibrated screen and Black Magic console, as well as a Da Vinci Resolve license. We can propose various profiles of talented colorists to take charge of this mission. Finally, we are partners with many colorists in France, even with the famous colorist Yvan Lucas of Company 3 in Hollywood, if your film requires work in a major color grading studio.

VFX, Graphics & motion design

Entrust the realization of the titles of your project to our motion-designer, the VFX to our 3D artists and the creation of promotional visuals (poster, networks…) to our graphic designers!

Voice over & dubbing

We can record the voices of your speakers, but we can also provide professional voice-over actors to ensure the narration of your project in all the languages envisaged. Voice-over recordings can be done in our sound studio, and dubbing in the studio of our partner Miroslav Pilon in Lyon.

Translation & subtitling

We work with various professional translation companies to ensure that your project exists in all the languages you need. We take care of title adaptation and subtitle creation in-house at Block 8 to deliver all necessary versions of your project.

Sound editing

Block 8’s facilities include a comfortable sound mixing studio supervised by a talented sound editor, who is at your disposal to imagine the sound of your film. We also have privileged contacts with the renowned sound engineers at Miroslav Pilon Studio, a long-time partner of Block 8.

Stereo, 5.1 & Atmos mixing

Block 8’s sound studio hosts the stereo mixing of your film in optimal conditions under the direction of our sound mixer. We can also propose your project to other professional sound mixers, notably in Paris, and finalize the stereo, 5.1 or Atmos mix of your film in Pilon Cinéma’s auditorium at the Pôle Pixel in Lyon.



Because a film is made to be discovered in theaters, we collaborate with the largest distributors to allow your project to be shown in theaters, and supervise for you the distribution contracts according to the territories and the established strategy.

Festivals & screenings event

We know how crucial it is for a film to make its way through the international festival circuit to meet its audience and gain visibility. At Block 8, we have the experience and network to enter your film in the right festivals and create the promotional material that will allow it to communicate about each selection and award it receives.

International TV sales

Television and digital platforms are the first broadcasters of your film, sometimes involved from the financing stage. We put at your disposal our network of contacts and partners to allow your film to seduce the biggest TV channels, and manage for you the administrative aspect (rights, territories, exclusivities, etc). We also help you create the different versions (length and language) required by each broadcaster.

Digital marketing

The promotion of a film in the digital sphere is nowadays essential to its success! We create with you an adapted and targeted marketing strategy in order to make noise on the networks as well as in the press. Our team will of course also create impactful promotional materials for online communication.

The Internet also hosts many promotional platforms and VOD broadcasting that can be relevant solutions, especially for your short fiction or documentary films to benefit from visibility among the public.


Yoann Luis

Co-founder, producer, director

Axel Zeiliger

Co-founder, producer, director

Valentin Wullschleger

Post-production supervisor

Pour mieux vous servir, nous avons restructuré en 3 entités :
To provide you with better service, we splitted in 3 companies:

Notre agence de communication audiovisuelle pour les projets clients
Our audiovisual communication agency for client projects
Notre société de production de films et documentaires pour le cinéma et la TV
Our film and documentary production company for cinema and TV
Notre espace de coworking audiovisuel au coeur de Lyon
Our audiovisual coworking space in the heart of Lyon

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