Block 8 was born in 2015 around the project of making useful and impactful films, with bold form and subjects. The desire to make our films, documentary or fiction, but also to produce those of a talented generation within which we evolve. A breeding ground of artists, technicians, authors and filmmakers cultivating their passion, involved in their professions, eager for new forms, committed to their time. At Block 8, we know the importance of a cinema that is both popular and demanding. Because every film counts.

“Going out to meet the public, playing with codes, entertaining to better inspire, that’s the cinema we carry film after film.”


Yoann Luis and Axel Zeiliger

Co-founders of Block 8 Production


Festival selections


The founders

Yoann Luis

After studying cinema in Lyon and a stint at the Lumière Institute, Yoann started producing and directing short films.
His films, selected and rewarded all over the world, borrow from genre cinema to tackle committed themes.

Today, he develops numerous feature-length fictions, series and documentaries, and collaborates with talented screenwriters and directors within Block 8.

Axel Zeiliger

Axel started producing and distributing documentary films in Brussels after obtaining his Master’s degree in film studies.

He directed two documentaries in Africa for Belgian television and then two short fiction films that were noticed.

He currently produces and develops at Block 8 demanding projects on ecological and human rights issues. 

Block 8 Production is a film and television production company.

The main goal of this new company is to produce and distribute short and feature films.

B8 Agency is our global production entity, dedicated to the needs of commercial organizations and companies.

Thanks to its know-how, B8 Agency favors an ambitious and original film aesthetic.

Against the current of the large generalist coworking spaces, we have created Le Lab.

A collaborative workspace entirely dedicated to audiovisual production and digital creation.

Pour mieux vous servir, nous avons restructuré en 3 entités :
To provide you with better service, we splitted in 3 companies:

Notre agence de communication audiovisuelle pour les projets clients
Our audiovisual communication agency for client projects
Notre société de production de films et documentaires pour le cinéma et la TV
Our film and documentary production company for cinema and TV
Notre espace de coworking audiovisuel au coeur de Lyon
Our audiovisual coworking space in the heart of Lyon

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